Monday, December 20, 2010

Brun chocolat! Rien d'autre!

When I was studying in France I happened upon a small boutique fifteen minutes from my apartment, while showing a friend from Vancouver around (she was studying in Belgium).  There I stumbled upon a dress which became one of the most indulgent purchases I've ever made.  It just so happened I was on the hunt for a party dress.  You see, I'm graduating from university this coming May, and towards the end of the semester there will be a Grad Formal.  A university can do this kind of thing when its student population numbers just 2,000 total.   Back to the dress.  While trying it on I was discussing foot ware colours with Candace (in english) a man in the boutique, who spoke only French, asked what we were talking about, which is when his eyes got wide and he uttered my title, "chocolate brown! Nothing else!"  Between girls, this is not the season for chocolate brown.  I've been looking since I got home in May.  I even went downtown to Holt Renfrew (home of Luis Vuitton, Oscar de la Renta, etc...You get the idea) to find out my size in Christian Louboutin after I found a gorgeous pair of chocolate brown Louboutin heels on ebay.  Alas, the shoes on ebay were not my size.  Since then I've given up on finding shoes in stores.  I resorted to googling "chocolate brown heels" and found these on (NB: I'm Canadian):

I wish the heel was higher on them, but I guess I can't be picky :( Well...that maybe be part of my problem.  I won't wear heels with straps around the ankle (they make petite women look even shorter by cutting the leg off at the ankle-thanks Stacey and Clinton! haha).



  1. Yay! Glad someone else appreciates a nice pair of heels out there :D