Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hi my name is Darcy and I'm addicted to Lululemon

I seriously have ZERO willpower when it comes to Lululemon.  I went out for brunch at my all-time favourite breakfast place, De Dutch with my friend and former co-worker, Elinor.  Afterwards I wanted to pick up some eye makeup remover from Cranberry Lane so we headed over there, and then we decided to nip over to Coquitlam Center.  I originally set out to get MAC bronzer, but we ended up parking by the entrance that's right beside the Lululemon...and Elinor dragged me in! Totally against my will.  Le sigh...I walked out of there with this hoodie in cactus/lime, a black sports bra (on sale, actually quite cheap!) and a black non-slip headband.  My only consolation is that Elinor spent way more than I did haha.  All in all it was a great day with one of my favourite people. 

Tomorrow I'm going into Coquitlam again for coffee with my friend Erin, and then I'm carrying on to Burnaby to go out for yam fries and to check out the Metrotown Lululemon with my friend Jen.  I've told her she's not allowed to let me spend any more money at Lulu! Maybe I should give her all my cards to hold on to, just to be safe :P


  1. Ohmy... I love it too!! I got a hoodie for Christmas but a 4 was too small, so I went in a few days ago to exchange it for a 6 and they didn't have any. I was going to just return it and order it online, but when I went in yesterday, someone had returned the exact one I wanted... I was SOOO happy! I can't wait to wear it today :D It's the super soft dark grey one that turns into a pillow!!

    Which one did you get??

  2. I'm a 4 and I find it hard to find the hoodie I want in that size a lot of the time :( But luckily they had one today! I got it in a light green colour. I love it so much!! Very nice choice for you, too! Lululemon dark grey is gorgeous :D I really want a pair of yoga pants in that colour.

  3. I've never heard of Lulumon... I feel so out of the loop! I must check it out!!

  4. It's so addicting! Everything is so comfortable and it's great quality...pricey but you definitely get what you pay for.