Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Semester wrap-up and exciting Fall news!

I have 2.5 weeks left in my 3rd semester of library school.  Unlike 1st term, which went by a torturous snail pace, this semester has gone by quickly, which is a relief! I NEVER want to do another semester like 1st semester EVER again.  Thankfully 2nd and 3rd semesters finally allowed us room for electives, and I have been able to tailor my program to suit my interests: children's librarianship! Today I finalized a topic with my supervisor to do an Independent Study in the Fall. If all goes according to plan, I will be researching dual-language picture books. You mean I get to do a WHOLE course on picture books? Love Love Love! I also ranked the last two classes of my MLIS (Master of Library and Information Science) career: Public Libraries in the Community and Consumer Health Information Sources and Services.  This week was the week of 4 due dates, and I have completed 3/4! After this week I only have 1 project left, and then I have almost a month off! I am going to Montreal for a week to see friends and my nephew, and to my alma mater , Bishop's in Sherbrooke to see friends who are still in the area.

Much to look forward to!



Monday, June 25, 2012

My first conference!

There I go, ignoring my blog again! This past weekend I presented at the FIMS Student Conference 2012.  I presented Librarians Without Borders (I'm on the Exec of the student chapter here at Western) and service learning in the field of librarianship along with two other LWBers.  My part involved discussing the history of LWB, and talking about what service learning is and how it is being integrated into LIS curricula.  I also talked about our projects in Costa Rica and Haiti.

I went to as many presentations as I could.  My friend Breanne presented on Research Description an Access (a new cataloguing standard).  I also went to a skype presentation done to LIS students who are currently doing internships in India, and a presentation on digital literacy.  It was a great day!

We've officially hit the half way mark and my classes are going well.  My assignments seem to be spread out nicely (with the exception of having 5 due last week).  Fall classes have been posted, so we have an idea of what will be offered, although we do not know the timetable yet.  So far I'm thinking of taking collection development, the public library in the community, maybe consumer health information, and hopefully I can coordinate an independent study.

That's all for now!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Oh hey there 3rd term!

Tomorrow I head into the 4th week of my third term of library school.  After this there's only one more to go! I will officially be able to put the letters MLIS after my name and I will feel very smart.  Maybe I will make people start calling me by my first name followed by MLIS :P

This term is off to a good start! I'm starting to work on things early in order to accommodate my homework ADD.  I have a super short attention span when it comes to homework and I hate working on one thing for a long time.  Which made 1st term really awful, when I didn't know how to manage the snowstorm of assignments that came my way, and was regularly up until 4am finishing something the night before it was due.  This term? I just finished an assignment that I worked on over a few days, almost a week before it is due! Go me! 

I am even liking (most of) my assignments this term! Ok, so I really only like the assignments for my Services for Children and Materials for Older Children (8-12) classes.  They seem really practical, which is great! I have to make a pathfinder (those bookmark like things in libraries that say things like "If you liked Harry Potter.."and then list a bunch of books that are similar to, say, Harry Potter), make a display in the lobby of the library faculty (I'm doing children's cookbooks-surprised? I think not.), plan a program (the professor said I could do it in French!), do a book talk (I'm doing historical fiction...haven't picked my book yet), and...I'm sure I'm forgetting something!

Two girlfriend and I have started doing a weekly Sunday brunch.  We rotate going to a different' person's house each week, and everyone contributes something.  Today I made french toast with french bread I got at the farmer's market.  It was delicious, and there was still a lot of the bread left over, so we threw it in Breanne's freezer and will have it another week.  Breanne has been on a green smoothie kick lately, so she has been making us delicious smoothies as well.

And it's time for bed! I'm getting up at 7:30 tomorrow to go into school to start working on my pathfinder.  After lunch I'm meeting two girlfriends to try out the gym on campus.  Oh ya! I've lost 3 lbs thanks to doing the 30 day shred several times a week.  Gonna be beach ready in no time!



Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's been a while

I fell off the blogging wagon in a pretty big way.  I read a ton of blogs but writing in my own was seeming like too much effort.  So since we last met, I have completed 2 out of 4 semesters of my graduate program in Library and Information Science.  I am now in the second week of my 3rd semester.  Currently I have 5 classes...but I think I'm going to drop collection development.  I took 4 classes in my first two semesters, and the thought of 5 is freaking me out a little.  It's all psychological, I know...but I have to decide fast.  Collection Development is offered in the Fall as well, with a professor that I like.  I'd like to decide in the next 3 days.  Decisions, decisions...