Saturday, October 15, 2011

oh hayyyyy there blog

Yes, I'm still alive.  Grad School is no joke kids :P For the past two weeks I have considered my life a success if assignments are handed in on time (how well they are done, that remains to be seen lol), I eat SOMETHING (this may mean cereal and pumpkin pie for dinner scarfed down at 11pm when I finally got home from a 12 hour day on campus, and if I shower.  Hair not exactly did, practically no makeup, and a lot of comfy Lululemon.   This past week we had a cataloguing assignment due (that class can jump off a cliff, seriously.  at least the teacher can) and a reference question.  For the cataloguing assignment we had to choose three non-fiction adult books published after 2008, with one being part of a series, one with the title page in two languages, and one whatever we wanted as long as it was adult non-fiction.  It took my friend and I three freaking hours to find suitable books with all those ridiculous stipulations.  The reference question considered of us being "asked" by an imaginary patron for studies on injury rates in MMA, as he had a John Hopkins study and wondered if there were more.  I have to say, reference work kind of makes me feel like a Super Sleuth hehe.  Then I saw posters for the new Sherlock Holmes movie and I thought, AHA! I am exactly like Sherlock Holmes.  For real peeps, librarians are hard core.  We don't know everything but we can find anything...which is basically the same thing :D

I am officially on reading week, although we have another reference assignment due Monday (whyyyy prof why?!).  Thursday I'm heading up to Toronto to meet my nephew for the first time, and I am so freaking excited! I bought him the cutest little outfit and I want to go to Chapters to pick up The Very Hungry Caterpillar as well.  Like I'm ever going to give him a present that doesn't include at least one book lol.

I have sweet in sour beef stew in the crock pot that I'll have over rice, and it smells so good! Yay for real food!