Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

It's my first Wednesday linking up--You can here!

I'm *loving* all of the delicious baking that comes with this time of year: chocolate and almond shortbread, butter tarts, white chocolate candy cane bark, rum balls, etc... *drools*

I'm *loving* these Lululemon pants and the Scuba hoodies, which are perfect for cold winter days (perfectly fitted and you can zip them all the up to your nose!).  Take that -40!

I'm *loving* that I am going to see The King's Speech next week with two amazing friends <3

I'm *loving* looking back at pictures the semester I spent in France last winter, even though it makes me miss it so.

I'm *loving* this organic hand lotion from Escents Aromatherapy in Breeze:

Ultra rich, great scent, non-greasy, and perfect for skin which freaks out in the harsh winter weather.

I'm *loving* that DADT is OVER.  Thank-you President Obama!


  1. Ohhh I love those Lulu Lemon pants too... well.. the "thought" of them! lol.

    You spent a semester in France? Was that part of your schooling in Vancouver? As part of my PDP program at SFU, I'm going to Quebec city for 5 weeks next summer! Maybe you can fill me in on any travel or living away from home tips!! =)

  2. Hehe yes it is the thought of the Lulu pants for me too, although I may break down and hit up the outlet on boxing day in search of some new yoga ones *hangs head in shame* I'm such an addict :P

    I was in France for the winter 2010 semester, on exchange : ) I'm currently doing my undergrad at a small university in Quebec, majoring in French (born and raised on the other side of the 'ol Pitt River Bridge hehe). You must be doing Explore! I did that program in the summer of 2007, in Chicoutimi. I would love to talk QC! Quebec City is phenomenal, and I bet you'll be there during the Festival d'Été! We went for a weekend trip when I was in Chicout, and apparently Kanye West was performing. Quite the big deal from what I could gather lol.