Friday, December 10, 2010

The days go by

2 weeks and two days! Until them I'm filling my days and looking for the positives.  As much as this province frustrates me, even I'll admit there are incredible bonuses to being here.  Such as:

1)  I've been to New York City twice in one year.  Not something this BC girl ever thought she'd do.

2) I can have breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner with my best friend whenever I want, without even leaving my building : ) Last night we made the most amaaazing fajitas! My friends will always be my favourite thing about Bishops <3

3) I broke in my new ice skates today.  Bishop's has an ice rink on campus and it's FREE on Sundays for two hours.

4) I've seen my favourite band, Great Big Sea, twice in less than a year.

5) I saw Lion King on Broadway AND bought earrings from Tiffany's on 5th Ave for my 25th birthday <3

To name a few...

Friday night Lara and I saw Harry Potter.  In the almost 3 years I've been in Québec I've never gone to the theatre in Sherbrooke.  I couldn't believe how cheap it was! Only 5.50$ for students! It's DOUBLE the price at home! See, good thing about Quebec.  Needless to say I'll be keeping an eye on what's playing in the future.  To make a night of it (time off campus is precious, friends) we went to Café Caffuchino's.  If anyone out there is ever in the Sherbrooke area this place is a must! Great place to go for dessert and drinks.  Very elegant and sophisticated decor, delicious desserts, and friendly staff.  Win!

Me with my amazing dessert! Chocolate cake base with chocolate mousse center complete with chunks of cheesecake in the mousse.  If there's a Boston Pizza in your area they make the exact same dessert.  Go. Get. It. Now!!

Today I went ice skating for the first time this season with my new skates!  

Tonight I'm going with Suz (my partner in BU crime hehe) to take her little sister back home (she was here for the weekend).  We're meeting her mom in...Vermont I think.  A drive+my BU bestie=LOVE!

Also, Tim Horton's has their chocolate candy cane doughnut back and it almost makes me forgive them for taking away my autumn spice muffin (but not quite).

Darcy xoxo


  1. I phoned you today but after reading this i know why you did not answer. Hope you had a safe drive. Your skates look very cool. Free is always good.We put up some Christmas lights up today, will save lots for you to help with when you get home!

  2. Wow, ton gâteau avait vraiment l'air bon!!!

    Et c'est vrai que le cinéma pour les étudiants ne coûte pas cher ici, moi, ça me revient à 5 $ les soirs après 9h00, donc très bonne aubaine :)

  3. Super aubaine! C'est presque le même prix pour louer un nouveau film, alors pourquoi pas aller au ciné?

    Mom, yes lots of lights! Lots are good!

  4. Hey there!! Sounds like you are having an awesome time!!

    Thanks for following
    <3 Jill

  5. Hey lady! Got to make school for or else it would haha. Adore your blog, so glad to have found you : )

  6. Pour répondre à ta question sur mon dernier post, mon mémoire de maîtrise porte sur l'évolution du personnage principal et sur sa pratique de l'écriture (du journal intime à l'écriture de textes de fiction) dans 3 romans de Michel Tremblay... (C'est un auteur québécois très connu, ses livres ont été traduits en anglais d'ailleurs. Tu le connais?)

    En tout cas, c'est un sujet très intéressant, mais assez complexe! Merci pour tes bons mots encourageants!