Monday, June 25, 2012

My first conference!

There I go, ignoring my blog again! This past weekend I presented at the FIMS Student Conference 2012.  I presented Librarians Without Borders (I'm on the Exec of the student chapter here at Western) and service learning in the field of librarianship along with two other LWBers.  My part involved discussing the history of LWB, and talking about what service learning is and how it is being integrated into LIS curricula.  I also talked about our projects in Costa Rica and Haiti.

I went to as many presentations as I could.  My friend Breanne presented on Research Description an Access (a new cataloguing standard).  I also went to a skype presentation done to LIS students who are currently doing internships in India, and a presentation on digital literacy.  It was a great day!

We've officially hit the half way mark and my classes are going well.  My assignments seem to be spread out nicely (with the exception of having 5 due last week).  Fall classes have been posted, so we have an idea of what will be offered, although we do not know the timetable yet.  So far I'm thinking of taking collection development, the public library in the community, maybe consumer health information, and hopefully I can coordinate an independent study.

That's all for now!