Sunday, July 3, 2011

Holy lack of updating batman!

I have been severely neglecting my blog, I'll admit.  A lack of comments gave me little desire to write.  I mean, if I didn't want comments I'd write in a private paper diary.  People have public blogs for a reason yo.  Anyways, my blog is going to be getting a re-do soon, and a new name-la future bibliothécaire.  It'll have more of a theme as well.  The name is french for "the future librarian"  Clever, right? See, that B.A. in French came in handy after all! I'll be talking about all things Grad School (specifically library school, obviously) related: classes, social life, being poor, living on a Grad Student budget (and we all thought we were poor as undergrads! HA.), my adventures in the kitchen, etc...

So what's been going on with me? I was offered and I accepted a well-paying job at a museum in my area, but then I was offered a position at a library right down the street from where my boyfriend, the wonderful S, lives.  It is most definitely not well-paying, but hello, I want to be a children's librarian and I will be working as the Summer Book Club Coordinator.  Needless to say it won't exactly pay the bills, which is a little scary considering I'm going back to school in the Fall and already know I did not get a place in Grad Student housing due to the lottery system in place at my school.  This means I will have to find a place off campus, and will probably need to have first and last months rent.  I have never lived off campus before so it's a little daunting.  That being said, the experience I'll get this summer will be invaluable.  My first day is tomorrow.  I'm a little nervous as my expertise is in heritage (I have mainly worked at museums for the past three summers) and I have never run a summer book club for kids before, but I think it will be fun! They said I could do a French story hour too if I wanted, seeing as I speak French and all.

Wish me luck!