Thursday, November 25, 2010

What I'm looking forward to!

The countdown is most definitely on! One thing that you should know about me is that I love countdowns.  A lot.  I start them months in advance.  I cheer when the days go down by 5's (50, 45, etc...), 10's, weeks, months.  Speaking of countdowns, why haven't I done one for Convocation?! Sweet Jesus what is wrong with me?!  I also love bulleted lists.  So why not combine the two? I'm going to start jotting down things I want to make sure I do/am looking forward to when I'm home, back in the land of the sane.  Or at least, the not as whiny :P

  • The Vancouver Aquarium.  Scuba Claus is back by popular demand! That's right, Scuba Claus.  Santa Claus scuba dives in the Georgia Straight exhibit, which is my favourite aquarium exhibit.  There will also be a tree lighting, courtesy of the electric eels.  Score! 
  • Drives to see the Chrismas lights.  Someone used to set up a hockey Santa Claus scene on their front yard.  I'm not sure if they still do it, but I do love me some Christmas lights! From the warmth and comfort of an automobile, bien sûr.
  • Winter Harp (see picture above). From the website: "Dozens of candles light the stage as musicians in medieval attire play harps, flute, drums, bells and an assortment of rare medieval instruments in an evening of poetry and song."  You had me at harps! And medieval attire.  Because they were awesome.  In a tradition begun four years ago, my oldest pal and I go to some sort of show around Christmas time.  For three years it was the musical Beauty and the Beast.  My pal studied stagecraft in college and I am a musical junkie, plain and simple.  Shoot me up baby!  Tragically the show seems to have stopped touring, so last year we had to come up with a different plan.  Neither of us were (was?) crazy about the Christmasy musical on offer at the theatre that played our previous show, so we just went to a movie that both of us wanted to see.  This year we're back to our former theatre antics.  It's even at the local theatre!
  • Baking.  Christmas baking, regular baking, baking! For me Christmas isn't about the presents, or even (entirely) about my favourite Christmas songs (I want a hippopotamus for Christmas and six white boomers, for the record).  It's about the food.  I eat.  A lot.  Constantly, actually.  I'm a snacker. I love appetizers and all food that is bite-sized.  Bonus points of there's an abundance of sugar.  Which is where Christmas comes in.  Munchy food and sweet treats galore!   I even get the pleasure of knowing exactly how much weight I gain over Christmas break, as I have to weigh my luggage before flying home and going back to school.  The old school nurse said I was the only student she'd ever met that lost weight at school and gained it at home.  What can I say, I like to be different? 
  • Specifically, I live for Christmas morning brunch.  Words cannot begin to express mon amour for this meal.  I look forward to it all year.  Mmmm wife saver...
  • My pets.  Sure the cat hates the world and the dog is not too bright, but they're awesome anyways.
  • Rent L'arnacoeur (see previous entry).  I'm not even going to attempt to find it for sale.  However, the local video store does have quite a good selection of foreign films.
  • Make Grandma's cinnamon buns.
  • Complete French teaching assistant job application.  My friend Scotty (three guesses as to where she's from!) who I met while on exchange in France, is applying for a similar program through the UK government.  How nifty would it be if we both happened to get hired and placed in the same location?
  • Visits with: Jamie and Bruce (who apparently moved and live close by now!) - baking and movies etc..., Natasha, Elinor -White Spot and BBC Pride & Prejudice, Ashley, Charlotte & Brook, Chrissy-poutine pizza!, Candace (who will be freshly returned from working at the Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland memorial in France!), etc...!!
  • Cook dinner! The potential of cooking something and not having to eat it for a week is muchly appealing!
To be added to...