Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award x 2

The lovely Nikki @ The Fashionable Wife gave me this lovely award, so here are 7 more things about me (I know you were dying to know :P )

1) My favourite flowers are red roses.

2) I saw The Lion King on Broadway for my 25th birthday.

3) I'm obsessed with Lululemon.

4) I love to bake.

5) I danced competitively for 10 years (tap, jazz, ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, song & stage, and contortion).

6) I adore yoga.

7) I always sleep with the window open a little bit, even when it's - 40 C.

I already tagged people, but thanks again Nikki!


  1. I did dance competitions too! Ah I miss it. Now hot yoga keeps me balanced but I miss the music.

    Thanks for your comment!

  2. I do yoga now too; I like it because it lets me keep the flexibility I got from dancing. I've never tried hot yoga though, I really want to!

  3. I just recently got into yoga and it is absolutely wonderful!!!

  4. My sister in law always sleeps with the window open as well. You girls are crazy!

  5. Yes, yoga is great!

    And I find it gets so stuffy...I usually have a fan on too :D