Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend update-Concerts and Plays and French Toast, Oh My!

Hello lovelies,

I have to say as far as weekends go,this one was pretty darn good.  We started off with a bang, in the form of a free concert Friday night.  After class on Friday I decided to kill time in the library before my doctor's appointment (like...4 hours? haha) rather than face the chilly walk back to rez and all the way across campus back to the doctor's office.  I happened to come across my friend Chris, who asked what I was doing that night.  A Friday night? Me? That would be nothing, I replied.  He had an extra ticket for the Jill Barber/Michael Kaeshammer concert that was being held that night at Centennial.  Oh.  My.  God.  She is the cutest thing ever.  We had amazing seats in the 2nd row, dead center.  Our theatre is a little different than most, in that instead of the first few rows being below they stage they are level, meaning we pretty much had the best seats in the house.  I couldn't resist buying one of her CDs after, especially as she was out in the lobby, mingling with her fans and signing CDs, LPs, etc...I was worried she'd be a little too jazzy for me but for some reason she's not.  I might possibly have been love with her outfit too.  Really wish I'd gotten a picture of it.  She was wearing a crinoline under her dress.  I have a (not) so secret love of crinoline.  I'm not really sure why...paired with shimmer tights (as it always was in my dancing days) it's the itchiest thing on the planet.  I also wore my Tiffany's earrings for the first time <3

This is my favourite song that Jill sang:

Jill Barber-Oh My My

Yesterday my Quebec Culture class (which is making me increasingly suicidal.  Thank-God there's only one more week of classes left!) went to a play in Montreal called, "Thérèse et Pierrette à l'École des Saints-Anges" by Michel Tremblay.  I had to get up at 8 to get ready, and was pretty tired from the night before.  I think the highlight of the day for me was not the play, but this:

"lunch" at one of my favourite Montréal eateries, Juliette & Chocolat.  You're understanding correctly.  It's a chocolate restaurant! I had a strawberry, banana, chocolate crêpe, a fair trade grandmother style (that means it's super thick) milk chocolate hot chocolate, and Cat and I shared a raspberry chocolate mousse.  Yep, that's a lot of chocolate.  Mmmm...

Here are a couple more pictures:

Chocolate raspberry mousse and my crêpe 
Cat and her friend Gérard battle it out over chocolate fondue.

We took the wrong highway heading home, so we ended up going a bit out of our way and having to backtrack.  I took over driving for most of the way home because Cat was getting tired.  Quebec highways are so strange.  You feel like you are driving down some rural country road, but nope that's a highway.  I guess it is preferable if something happens, but the problem with this are that there are obviously no exits, as it really is just a  road, and there are houses up and down both sides.

So what's on for today? The following:

  • Wash sheets
  • Call Grandma
  • Figure out how much tuition will be next semester
  • Clean room
  • Wash dishes
  • Make chocolate banana bread
  • Clean bathroom
  • Make french toast for breakfast
And with that I'm off like a herd of turtles!




  1. Sounds like a great weekend, concert etc. If you bought a CD maybe Dad could burn one for me? Maybe we can go to the Chocoate restaurant in May? Your to do list was impressive, and you booked your flight too.

  2. Yes we can burn one for you. I bet Dad would really like her too. We can definitely go to Julitete & Chocolat in May, it is really easy to get to : ) Also, I called visa and it turns out I put in the wrong password too many times so it blocked my account. It usually tells you when that happens. Sillyness. You can take the money out of CU savings anytime.