Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Favourite things à la Oprah (Part 1)

It's that time of year! I am really sad I haven't been able to catch the favourite things episode these last few years, so I came up with the perfect solution this year! I'll do my own favourite things blog entry! In fact, I may do a few :P

Sorry it's so blurry! This is the only shot I could get off the website.  Meet the Lululemon Remix hoodie in torrid/chilli tartan print.  Lululemon pants were actually feature on Oprah's favorite things episode this year! There, solid proof that Lululemon is the best.  Even the Big O's a fan!

Actually, it's L'arnacoeur.  I saw this movie in theatres in France and it is the cutest thing ever.  Alex (Romain Duris-who I will gladly settle for if I can't have Michael Bublé) is hired by family members to break up a woman's unsuitable relationship.  When he gets hired to stop Juliette's wedding (played by that skinny cow who stole Johnny Depp from the world) which is to take place in 10 days time he finds himself mixing business with pleasure.  It will be released on DVD in Canada on December 21st.  I asked at Archambault the last time I was in Montréal : )

Meet Charm, by Kate Spade. I'm like a magpie. I can't get enough of shiny things!  This ties in nicely with our next item:

The perfect little black (bubble) dress by BCBG.

Kitchen Aid stand mixer in Ice.  

It won't let me copy and paste a picture, so check out the link (Return to Tiffany heart charm and chain).

C'est tout! For now : )

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