Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Redpath Museum pictures and new skates

3 exciting things:

1) I got 86% on my 2nd child dev midterm.  That's up by 6% from the last one and 20% from the tests I did with this prof last year.  I've got him figured out now, we we're doing good : )

2) French prof pushed the due date for our scary 10 page paper back a week, which means I don't have to have it done by Thursday morning (it was going to be due in one week and I'm going to NYC from thu-sun.

3) New skates arrived in the mail from Tara today! They are beautiful and fit perfectly! I know my ankles will be a lot happier in these skates than my old ones.  I can't wait to go skating next weekend!

Okay, so here a few pictures from the Redpath Museum on the McGill campus that my museology class went to two weeks ago, and one of my amazing new ice skates : )


  1. Very cool skates, you'll be whizzing right along!
    Good news about having more time for the essay, keep plugging along, and great news on your exam mark.XXX

  2. Yes they seem to be fabulous skates! Much more comfortable than regular ones.