Monday, March 7, 2011

Reading Week happenings

I know I have been a terrible blogger lately :( I have sooo many questions for my bloggy big sister, and I haven't even emailed her yet :( I really want to redesign my blog but darn school keeps getting in the way!

Reading Week was fantastic.  As I mentioned in an earlier entry, I went home.  Or did I? Hehe I did go back to BC, but I was 16 hours north of where my parents live and where I grew up.  I went to stay with my ex-boyfriend, and see if we could work "us" out.  I'm thrilled to say that we did work things out! We are officially back together.  S and I met when we were 16 at our summer job.  We stayed in contact (thank-you msn!) and in August of 2007 he asked me out.  We dated for almost a year and a half but broke up in December of 2008.  We were broken up for just over two years.  He is sweet, funny, and a lot of fun to be around.  I am smitten and blissfully happy right now : )


  1. I know the feeling... it can feel like school is just sucking up ALL OF YOUR TIME!!!

    Good luck!! hang in there

  2. Thanks darlin' : ) Only a couple months left :D

  3. Contente de voir que tu as retrouvé l'amour!!!

  4. yaaay so glad things are working out between you both! happy for you girl!