Saturday, February 26, 2011

Reading Week!

As of 5pm on Thursday I am officially on vacation!  Actually there's going to be a lot of reading getting done this Reading Week-sadness! I have two essays to work on, four chapters to read for my Québec history class and two midterms to start preparing for.  They are on the same day, which really sucks!  Both are psych classes, which means a LOT of information to memorize.  I definitely should have taken child development 2 instead of brain and behaviour though-that class is hard! Stupid brain being all complicated lol. I'm never going to want to hear about neurons ever again after this semester is over lol.

 I am actually in Montréal right now.  I came up on Thursday and am waiting to go to the airport.  I'm going back to BC for Reading Week! It's the first time in my four years at Bishop's, so I'm hella excited haha.  I leave for the airport in three hours!!



  1. have an amazing time and enjoy every minute of your vacation!!! :)

  2. make sure you still take some time for yourself! have a great reading week, and good luck with your midterms!

  3. Thank-you! I am definitely going to do some relaxing too :D

  4. I hope you enjoy Montreal, I visited in eighth grade with my school. It was a very weird time for me becasue my grandfather was very sick back home so I had a difficult time enjoying myself. I would love to go back some day!!

    Stay Warm!!

  5. I do enjoy Montréal : ) I go quite a bit because my school is only a couple of hours away. I hope you get to go back some day and are able to enjoy yourself more : )