Thursday, March 17, 2011

So over it!

I want to snow to go awayyyyy!!!!!!

I want to wear cute flats with my skinny jeans.

S said he was going to turn his phone off while he is in California because of roaming fees but he's texted me every day so far ; )

My Dad had knee replacement surgery a couple of days ago. I told him to keep his cane because they let people with canes on airplanes first :P

I made whole wheat peanut butter banana chocolate chip cookies last night, after making a delicious peanut pad thai for dinner. Recipe is on facebook.

I aced my psych of human sexuality midterm on tuesday. The prof marked the multiple choice and said I did VERY well. Duh.

I have a headache and I have neuro psych in 40 minutes. I feel this is not a good combination.

As of 5:15pm tonight I officially have two weeks of classes left in my undergraduate career. Holy. Fuck.

This week's Glee was freaking awesome.

I really need to do my nails.

I have no idea what I'll do if I don't get into Grad School.

A DQ chocolate covered strawberry waffle bowl would be perfect right now.

I miss living in France.

The End.


  1. lol, love the random thoughts! too funny!

    Congrats on your midterm going well!

  2. Paragraphs seemed like too much effort at the time haha.