Sunday, May 27, 2012

Oh hey there 3rd term!

Tomorrow I head into the 4th week of my third term of library school.  After this there's only one more to go! I will officially be able to put the letters MLIS after my name and I will feel very smart.  Maybe I will make people start calling me by my first name followed by MLIS :P

This term is off to a good start! I'm starting to work on things early in order to accommodate my homework ADD.  I have a super short attention span when it comes to homework and I hate working on one thing for a long time.  Which made 1st term really awful, when I didn't know how to manage the snowstorm of assignments that came my way, and was regularly up until 4am finishing something the night before it was due.  This term? I just finished an assignment that I worked on over a few days, almost a week before it is due! Go me! 

I am even liking (most of) my assignments this term! Ok, so I really only like the assignments for my Services for Children and Materials for Older Children (8-12) classes.  They seem really practical, which is great! I have to make a pathfinder (those bookmark like things in libraries that say things like "If you liked Harry Potter.."and then list a bunch of books that are similar to, say, Harry Potter), make a display in the lobby of the library faculty (I'm doing children's cookbooks-surprised? I think not.), plan a program (the professor said I could do it in French!), do a book talk (I'm doing historical fiction...haven't picked my book yet), and...I'm sure I'm forgetting something!

Two girlfriend and I have started doing a weekly Sunday brunch.  We rotate going to a different' person's house each week, and everyone contributes something.  Today I made french toast with french bread I got at the farmer's market.  It was delicious, and there was still a lot of the bread left over, so we threw it in Breanne's freezer and will have it another week.  Breanne has been on a green smoothie kick lately, so she has been making us delicious smoothies as well.

And it's time for bed! I'm getting up at 7:30 tomorrow to go into school to start working on my pathfinder.  After lunch I'm meeting two girlfriends to try out the gym on campus.  Oh ya! I've lost 3 lbs thanks to doing the 30 day shred several times a week.  Gonna be beach ready in no time!




  1. I also did the 30 Day Shred for a few weeks and I lost 5 pound. It really works! :)

    You are right, you should put the letters MLIS after your name, I have thought about doing the same thing (M.A.) to look very smart haha! :)