Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's this you say?

A new blog? You're scratching your head in confusion, I know.  The reason is simple really.  All my friends and family can read this, unlike others.  It is also much much easier to post content (ie photos) within entries.  What will be in this blog? A whole lot of randomness, and nothing special.  Just a place for my thoughts and opinions, because if I were to unleash some of them in real life I might get in trouble :P

Random picture of the day: my DREAM mixer.  I have been longing for a stand mixer for almost as long as I've been baking.  I found the most beautiful one on  KitchenAid of course, but check out the colour:

Isn't it to die for? It has that slightly retro/vintage feel, c1950's-60's.  My only dislike is the mixing bowl is stainless steel, but the only stand mixer KitchenAid makes with a glass bowl is candy apple red.  *Gags*  If I can't wear red I certainly can't have a red mixer sitting out on my counter.  For those of you who like red, however, it is very beautiful red.  Reminds me of the shiny apple the wicked Queen offers Snow White : )

Mmm I have homemade macaroni and cheese in the oven.  I felt like I had to take time out of all the crazy eat some good home-cooked food instead of Tim Horton's or something from the Gaitor Grill.  Maybe such yummyness will make me forget about my immensely frustrating French essay.




  1. Auntie Joan has a lovely kitchen aid stand mixer, that lovely red one!

  2. With the glass bowl? Cuz there's red with the glass bowl that's an anniversary edition and a normal red with the stainless steel bowl. She can have the red, I want this one!