Thursday, September 1, 2011

Les boulangeries

In France I developped a daily (ok, sometimes three times a day) boulangerie habit.  A tarte aux framboise for breakfast eaten on the way to la fac (that's the university, fyi), a petit pain aux trois chocolats for a mid-afternoun snack (did I ever tell you about the time I stopped into my favourite bakery RIGHT AS THEY WERE COMING OUT OF THE OVEN?!?!), and a little something for dessert.  I was obsessed.  And the best part? I didn't gain a SINGLE pound the entire 3.5 months I lived there.  It. Was. Heaven.  Needless to say when I moved to Ontario and discovered a little French bakery located in an indoor market about 60 seconds from my apartment, I nearly cried.  At 2.25$ for a little macaron, I definitely cried.  But Oh. My. Lord.  I got a pistachio one and it just about melted in my mouth. Definitely not something I'll be getting very often :( Donations to the Poor Grad Student Macaron fund are currently being accepted :D Oh, and I asked if they ever had tarte aux framboises (my all time fav) and they said not usually, but I could order them.  For my birthday instead of cake? I think so.


  1. I have never been to France but my boyfriend did a couple years ago and he gained like 15 pounds in 2 months haha! He loved the pâtisseries too much!!!

  2. Hehehe I did so much walking that I didn't gain anything! My favourite boulangerie was actually a boulangerie/pâtisserie so it was perfect :D

  3. i'm seriously jealous at your ability to eat like that and not gain weight! :-) that all sounds so heavenly, and i hope you can enjoy a tarte aux framboises for your birthday!