Thursday, April 14, 2011


I am so over this studying thing! SO looking forward to no final exams in Grad School! There will be lots of other work, but finals bite!  I've taken up getting a daily triple triple from Tim Horton's (that's 3 milk 3 sugar...I know, gross!) to get me through these endless days of studying.  I really wish I was in Florida now! Come on May 1st!

Ever since I saw this Banana Republic top on a fellow blogger's blog a few days ago I can't stop checking it out on the BR site!

Super Awesome wrap shirt 

Grr it won't let me post the pic for some reason

Anyways, because I feel like posting a pic here is me, my bff Suz, and her little sister Megan after the B.U. Singers choir show a couple of weeks ago:

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